Friday, June 11, 2010

Terror on the Titanic:A Morningstar Agency Adventure

Samit Basu's new book 'Terror on the Titanic:A Morningstar Adventure Series' is to be launched soon by Scholastic.This book is Samit's first Young Adult Novel and also the first in 'A Morningstar Adventure Series'.

I got a chance to read the first chapter and if it is anything to go by the book is sure going to be an interesting read.Do read the first chapter of his book here


About the book :

The Morning Star Agency is an organization that has existed across the world for many  centuries. Its agents are powerful, charismatic individuals; some more than human, some merely unique. It is rumoured that the Agency President, Mr. Morningstar, is immortal, and  has had a remarkable degree of influence on our history. 
Terror on the Titanic, the first case report to be released from the Agency archives, stars agent Nathaniel Brown, a young Anglo-Indian man with many strange talents – he can speak to animals, has incredibly sharp senses and the skills of many jungle creatures. He owes these to his training – his (very famous) father was raised by wolves.
It’s 1912, Brown is on the Titanic, and his mission is to prevent a stolen jewel from reaching  America.
Simple enough, except that monstrous aliens are also involved.
And since this a Morningstar Agency adventure, the fate of our world hangs in the balance.

About the Author

Samit Basu is an Indian writer of novels,short stories,comics and screenplays.He has written three bestselling fantasy novels,The Simoqin Prophecies,The Manticore's Secret and The Unwaba Revelations, as well as several short stories in anthologies for adults and children.In comics, Samit has written two series,Devi and The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma, and a graphic novel, Untouchable, co-written with Mike Carey (The Felix Castor series,Lucifer,X-Men)

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