Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Synopsis Garbage Beat

Laila is on the entertainment beat—a world where bitchy is sexy, and sexy is everything. Vain heroines, superstars with fragile egoes who get their ‘bad’ stories dropped by blackmailing editors, spirited item girls, prissy stars … To top it all, life in the newsroom is a series of deadline-driven bloopers till her tv life hits black. 
Adding to the mayhem is a madcap cast: sexy Bollywood journo-turned-hit item girl Latika; star-struck reporter Chiki, who is obsessed with a superstar; Nandu, the byline-swindler; award-winning super hack Indumati; and their razor sharp and hard to please editor Bunny.
Caught between her ambition to excel, a live-in boyfriend who feels ignored, and a super-intelligent and brilliant father who is ashamed of her career choice, Laila realizes that the life of an entertainment reporter is not the glamour ride she had expected … because, on the Garbage Beat, reporting is a harrowing, ball-crushing and back-breaking affair.
Some real love stories, some real heartbreaks, and some real tragedies.
But life as a reporter gets worse when she crosses powerful producers, has big fights with jealous reporters and adamant cameramen and makes bloopers galore.Its about how tv this very greedy god of the airwaves demands a new pound of flesh from her everyday.
Ten years of entertainment journalism. A lifetime of  being a manoranjan junkie. Richa 
believes that you should accept your most demented thoughts fears and fantasies. Born in Dehradun. Richa did her Masters in Chemistry from Miranda House, before she studied Journalism. Special Correspondent and TV Anchor Richa is currently Associate Editor, entertainment in a prominent news channel. She has extensively covered Hindi Cinema, Bollywood, Fashion and Art in several prominent national news channels and reported from Mumbai to Malaysia, Seoul to Simla, Johannesberg to Jodhpur, Pretoria to Punjab, Dubai to Delhi to Benaras,Goa, Agra, Ajmer,Kolkata,Nainital and counting. She has produced, anchored and reported for shows like Night Out, Bollywood Quiz show IDBI Sawaal India Ka, Glamour Show, Filmy Friday, Cinema India, Cinema Ke Sikander, Raat Baaki.

Mumbai Book Launch of Garbage Beat

Dear Mumbai Book Lovers

Here's an invite to a book launch you just wouldn't wanna miss!!

Kareena Kapoor will be launching Richa Lakhera's book Garbage Beat  today Sunday 23rd December at 4pm Venue details on the card!

Richa's book is a scandalous novel set in the big bad world of entertainment television.The highs and lows of entertainment reporting.

Do join in for the book launch and buy the book for a fun super pacy read!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Guest Review: Sexy at Sixty

Book Reviewed By : Dr. ShivaniKapoor
Author: Namita Jain

To my chagrin the book had nothing to do with a kinky story of a sixty year old couple. Sexy @ Sixty instead is a book on yoga, exercise and diet. If there is anything to do with the word sexy it is the author, Namita Jain, who is all of that at her age.

Once my disappointment of the book not being the one to satisfy my voyeuristic pallet was overcome, I started actually to enjoy the book. It is simple, and straight to the point- how to celebrate life at sixty. Many tips ranging from exercises to diet plans to feeling positive are offered by her. What catches your attention is the way she makes being slimmer and sexier simple and quick. In fact, those younger can pick it up too that is if you are a lazy bum who has been adding up the body meat. She doesn’t just suggest but also softly motivates you. If you are an exercise freak at 60 and eat measured quantity, read it nevertheless.

The author has specially chosen the common physical problems at sixty and touched upon the relevant solutions. Prostrate, menopause, arthritis and the likes are dealt with well.
Maybe it is a book you could keep for a chapter a day, chew on it and slowly inculcate. The exercises are more of a warm up sessions for those regular at gym, are easy to handle for specially for the very obese elders and for those lethargic few whose simple rule is- If I can’t reach it, I don’t need it.

Facts and figures (I meant the mathematical ones) add to the authenticity. Illustrations and tables make reading quick.

My rating: 2.5 of 5

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winners of the contest: When the Snow Melts

To make it a memorable 12-12-12 for the winners we chose to hold on to the names of the winners of our contest! We received many correct replies and the response to the contest was phenomenal. Thank you to all those who participated. Congratulations winners and better luck next time to the other participants.

Requesting all the winners to send their postal address with contact number to bookwelove at gmail dot com to enable us to send the book across as soon as possible:

Gunjan S
Vulcan Eager
Dr. Sharmila K
MM Roy
Shilpa Roy

Send us your address as soon as possible please!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When the Snow Melts: A Review and a contest!

I recently happened to read a book called When the Snow Melts by Vinod Joseph. The book is Vinod’s debut novel and must say it was a very interesting, fast paced read.  What surprises me is the low key or almost zilch promotions for the book by the publishers- seriously wonder why. It is a good read, well priced yet not many would have heard of the book. Also have a major bone to pick about the book cover! Anyway that’s the publisher and author’s call, but I am glad I chose to read the book.

So what is the book about? It is a racy thriller about espionage, spies , where everything is deceptive and trust is rare. The protagonist Ritwik Kumar is the Indian representative in an International intelligence gathering group named International Assessment Group. This group has intelligence agents from all over the world who are trying to pool in their information networks to help fight global terrorism. Ritwik who is battling his alcohol addiction ends up borrowing a lot of money and when IAG head General West gets to know of this, asks him to pay up within 15 days or lose his job. Finding himself isolated and cornered he finally decides to defect. To get out of the mess he is in, he ends up getting into a much bigger mess by defecting to terror network of Al-Qaeda. He realizes he doesn’t fit there either and its ideology is something he can never agree to.

Is it going to be such an easy task to switch loyalities? Would the members of Al-Qaeda trust him enough to let them know of what is going on in their organization? Will Ritwik be able to get out of the self created trouble he is in? It gets messier still when he starts falling in love with Nilofer, wife of one of the members of the Al-Qaeda team. In a hostile place where he can trust not a single soul is he setting himself up for the worse….

All in all a good read, nice plot and page turner of a read. For those who like to read such genres should give reading this book a try. Believe me it is worth your money.

What’s more our blog also gives you a chance to win an autographed copy of his book by answering 2 very very simple questions. We have 5 copies to give away. But remember the contest closes on 8/12/12. The rules: You need to be an Indian Resident above 18 years of age, Judges decision is final…Now for the questions:
A)      Who was the founder of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW)?
B)      “Mossad” is Israel’s external intelligence agency. What’s the name of Israel’s internal intelligence agency?

So hurry and send us your answers to bookwelove(at)gmail(dot)com your time starts now!