Friday, June 11, 2010

Attention all authors: From Gouri Dange

Gouri Dange, the author of 3, Zakia Mansion, has a wonderful offer for authors who wish to make a promotional stop at Pune:


Any writer (who is not an axe murderer) having a reading or launch in pune and whose publisher does not have the grace to put him/her up in a hotel for the day or night, is welcome to stay at my place. I will take them to their launch and bring them back too if I can. And Iwill mail people about his/her launch/reading so that there is a good turn out of real readers.

Please convey this to anyone that you think needs to know this, young and old. I find quite a few writers come, and then make the tiring and not altogether safe journey at night right back to Mumbai. Or they come into Pune and don't have anywhere really to take a small break and freshen up before their launch.

I would be happy to save anyone that trouble/awkwardness if they need a place to park briefly for a day, a night.

I have dogs, though. friendly ones, but dogs - shedding fur, fetching spitty toys, occupying the best seats, etc. there is also the danger of us telling endless dog stories to the writer-visitor and hoping these stories will be immortalized in print. (no just kidding - will whip the curs and lock them up and not mention them).



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