Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review : Extreme American Makeover

This is another Young Adult book I happened to read recently.A book by Mitali Perkins.This book also turned out to be an interesting read and I'd recommend it to all teenage kids out there to read and enjoy!

The book is Sameera Righton's story.Sixteen-year-old,Pakistani-born Sameera is the adopted daughter of America's Republican candidate for president, James Righton. As her father's presidential campaign heats up Sameera trades in her summer vacation for a crash course in becoming a celebrity!What Sparrow, as Sameera is fondly called by her friends, is most looking forward to is the fabulous makeover that the campaign manager, Tara Colby has in mind.So off go her jeans/ponchos replaced with knee high boots and snazzy dresses,make up and the works...after all she would be America's first daughter if her dad ends up winning.

What she is definitely not looking forward to is the paparazzi and all the negative things written about her, name changed from Sameera to Sammy to sound more politically correct to the Americans and more importantly being asked to stop blogging from her personal Sparrow id to a professionally handled and frivolous which she just can't relate with.

So should Sameera continue being a mute spectator to the PR  blitzkrieg or should she come clean on her personal blog and let Americans know who she is and speak her mind as the first daughter of America?

The book has a very different and interesting premise and not a typical fluffy romance.What you get is a level headed 16 year old girl who totally knows and speaks her mind.The book manages to give the reader an insight into the PR driven American Presidential elections.Interesting story though a bit slow to begin with but interesting enough to take you through to the end.A nice,breezy read.


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