Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calling all Mumbai book lovers...

Thanks everyone for expressing an interesting in starting this book

club. The idea for this came up as an offshoot of the book blog

Priyanka and I do, called While we

did write about books we enjoyed reading, we felt it would be terrific

if we had a group of likeminded souls to get together to conduct

offline discussions on interesting books, and do a book of the month

read, where we all could read a single book for the month, and get

together to discuss the book, to get varying perspectives on the book.

We also want to invite authors to read, discuss their work with us.

Living in the suburbs, getting into town for events becomes difficult,

therefore we were looking at building a suburb based group.

Please do forward the group link to any of your friends who might be

interested in joining up, and lets brainstorm for a book for July. Any


1 comment:

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