Friday, July 8, 2011

Review:Don't go Away. We will be right back: The Oops and Downs of Advertising

Don’t go Away. We’ll be right back. The Oops and Downs of Advertising is a book which everyone who has worked in advertising must read, also for those who aspire to be apart, and yes even those who want to know what makes the ad industry tick. A hilarious, fun and catty look at the world of Advertising.

The book takes you through the good and the bad of advertising. So we all know who a copywriter is but do you know what he dreads the most, the word ‘typo’. Like this one that crept into a hotel’s hoarding design: ‘Our restaurant has a bra attached’. You like? There are many such insights that the reader gets while reading this book.Then in her own fun way she goes on to describe Creative heads, account managers, about clients, awards…you name it the book has it.

The book will keep you laughing from beginning to the end. The illustrations in the book are also immensely good. It is a book that you are bound to read in one go.

Go for it. Yeh dil maange more from the author!

PS After reading books from advertising professional like Anuja Chauhan and now Indu I am convinced that the best writers come from this field too! Simply written books with loads of humour to keep the reader hooked!

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  1. Thank you Priyanka! What a lovely comment: stumbled upon this site , and will also now share with my pal, Anuja Chauhan:-). Indu

  2. Whoa! Thanks for writing in, you made my day! Really enjoyed the book and hope to read your next book soon!
    Anuja? Gosh please tell her I am a HUGE FAN! Sorry for gushing but I love the way she writes!