Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Chocolate Guitar Momos

I picked this book to read because I found the title of the book very interesting and the name of the author more so. The book is called Chocolate, Guitar Momos by Kenny Deori Basumatary. The book is a light, fun and breezy read.

The protagonist of the book is a young aspiring musician Joseph. The tragedy with Joseph is that he has been unsuccessful in relationships. After he is ditched by his third girlfriend he decided to track down a girl he believes might have been his soulmate- a girl who had smiled at himfrom a bus stop across the street 8 years ago. The only problem being in the search- he knows nothing of her what is worse is he doesn’t even recollect how she looks! Yet he believes she is the one for him since he clearly remembers what she was wearing! So he and his friends set out on a social experiment across internet to find her.

Does he end up finding the chosen one? This entire search for his soulmate leads to some funny awkward moments for Joseph but he is determined to get to her. What follows is a bittersweet story.

The book is light and frothy read with some fun moments. At places it does go a bit off track but keeps the reader interested till the end. It is a typical book for college going kids who will be able to relate with Joseph’s life. Not the best of book but a good read.


  1. Got this from a friend and I am still reading it, haven't finished it yet. But, quite a good read as said so far. Sometimes you need this kind of entertainment. Btw, i don't really know how to take that chapter which contains only 'a year went pass'. Haha.

  2. I picked the book up because of the interesting cover. It has moment which can make you laugh and those which can make you cry. Its a fun filled book which has a few twist and turns which will leave tears of laughter and sadness in youth eyes! :)