Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha

Rujuta Divekar’s first book ‘Don’t Lose your mind, Lose your weight’ was a super hit with women of all ages. In India the success of a book can be easily gauged if you find pirated copies of the book sold at every signal in the country. If it is a yes then that settles the debate about how well the book is doing. Considering the book is still being sold by them just goes to prove what a thumping success her book was!

Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha, her second book is equally fantastic. The book is more like a tamacha (a slap) for all the weight loss myths that we women have managed to gather over the years! It manages to, chapter by chapter, deconstruct all the weight loss gyaan that we have learnt over a period of time. Rujuta’s style of writing is totally bindaas and candid. She chooses not to beat around the bush but rather give the reader an honest in your face advice on how one can lose weight the right way. The book starts off at teenage years and goes on till menopause and everything in between. The book also covers some common issues that we women face such as hypothyroid, PCOD/PCOS and diabetes. The book is an excellent resource for all women.  It also provides strategies for nutrition, exercising, sleeping right.

Women in India are the biggest procrastinators where their own health is concerned. It is high time we changed that! Women do yourselves a favor, go grab a copy of this book today!

About the Author:

Rujuta is a pre-eminent fitness professional in the country; she is amongst the only trained 
sports science and nutrition expert going around. In the field for over a decade, Rujuta 
has always had a holistic approach towards fitness and emphasized on a healthy lifestyle
rather than any drastic changes that are not long term. Having worked with people from
all walks of life, of all age groups and varying fitness levels she has fine-tuned her 
methods to fit the lifestyle of the urban Indian.


  1. I too read both the books. What makes us love her writing is the sheer boldness and sauciness in it. It tells the truth as it is in the Indian context and most of the time, we know she is making the right points.

  2. i m loving it... every page, every line:-) there is someone who stands by indian women, understands their mentality and compulsions!!

  3. I have read her 1st book Do not loose mind, very helpful and gives true insight about food in every details. I like her writing style simple, clear and bold. The best part about the book is keeping in mind Indians and our food, traditions and styles, which really helps to understand it better in our daily life. I am yet to order and read this book 2nd book. Rujuta keep on writing....

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  5. I want to know that how can I adopt the best weight management products that suits my needs provide nice results for weight losing and if these are advisable to use during the initial stage of exercising to give boost to the weight lose

  6. I've recently ordered a copy of this book and would love to see how it is :)