Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Another Chance

Another Chance is a romantic novel set in contemporary times. This is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second novel.  Ahmed is the bestselling author of Love,Life and all that Jazz..

The book  is Ruheen Oberoi's love story. A love that she found, lost and found again…maybe to lose forever. Ruheen  who lost her parents at an early age is brought up single handedly by her Nana in Shimla. She moves to Bombay for further studies and that is when she meets Aditya Sharma and what follows is an intense relationship which ends up in heartbreak due to an obsessive powerful man who is stalking her and has asked Aditya to stay out of Ruheen’s life. Though they separate their love for each other stays just as strong. Ruheen ends up marrying a man based in the UK who she later realizes is an extremely violent man. With the help of her sister in law she manages to escape to Amsterdam to start her life anew. That’s where she meets Aditya who is now a successful manager. They rekindle their relationship and move back to Bombay to start a new chapter in their romance. But problems start cropping up soon. Will the two lovers manage to overcome their differences? Will both give their relationship another chance? To make matters more difficult there is also Ruheen’s childhood friend and old flame from Shimla, Varun Shetty.

The story is a typical Bollywood masala but with just too many characters and too many love angles to comprehend. Ruheen comes across as a very confused, depressive soul who doesn’t seem to find happiness in anything at all. Meanwhile Aditya Sharma is the typical corporate manager struggling to grow in his career. Again that angle where they meet to again separate seems a bit farfetched.

The book makes for a breezy read and reflects our relationships in the crazy, busy times we live in.

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