Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Lost and Found

Lost and Found by CP Surendran is a kind of a book that can actually turn out to be bollywood blockbuster. It has all the right ingredients to make it an out and out masala movie. A struggling actor, a terrorist from Pakistan who is in Bombay to create havoc, a whacky lady out to seek revenge from a man who she believes raped her sixteen years back and the man himself meet one fateful night and what is revealed is something that no one is prepared for!

The story begins with Lakshmi who after a drunken night kidnaps Placid Hari, a journalist, who she believes is the man who raped her sixteen years back.  The morning after things start going awry as events unfold they find themselves taken hostage in a terrorist siege of Bombay. Along with them is a teenage fledgling actor Nirmal. The terrorist, Salim, who is trained in Pakistan to create havoc in the city, is prepared to kill and die for the cause he believes in.  What he is not prepared for is the story that unfolds and how the hostages are connected to him. He is deprived of the cause he came to lay down his life for. Nothing is what it seems not just for Salim but all the people involved in the hostage drama.   

 It does end up being a little confused when some characters are briefly brought into the plot.  At times during the story the sarcasm seemed a bit forced. 

The book is funny in parts, witty and sarcastic throughout.  Over the top characters, full on drama makes it interesting.

A good read.

About the Author:

C.P.Surendran is a poet and a novelist. His poetry collections include Gemini II, Posthumous Poems, Canaries on the Moon, and Portraits of the Space We Occupy. He is also the author of the novel, An Iron Harvest.

Surendran is a journalist and columnist as well. His popular columns include ‘Low Life’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Cat Scan’ and ‘Brief Grief’. Currently, he is a senior editor with The Times of India and is based in Delhi.

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