Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Radiant Shadows

Review for Radiant Shadows
Author: Melissa Marr

Radiant Shadows is not what you call a fairy tale romance – it’s a faerie tale romance. It is the fourth installment in the Wicked Lovely series. Devlin, a faerie who was created by Order and Discord - Sorcha and Bananache, is sent to the mortal world to see how the newly formed faerie Seth is doing. Meanwhile, the Summer King Keenan is missing, and there is chaos in the Summer courts. Devlin did expect a fight or two with Bananache who creates discord, but what he didn’t expect was to find love. And the girl who steals his heart was one who was to be killed.

Ani is a halfling. She is part hound and part faerie, which makes her liable to the hunger of both creatures. Her short temper and beauty are what attract Devlin to her. But Bananache orders her to do a terrible thing which involves killing Ani’s loved ones and give her blood to her. With Devlin’s help, Ani flees her home in an attempt to get away from Bananache. But it’s not all that easy. Bananache kills Ani’s sister, for which Ani is determined to find her and kill her.

Another essential character is Rae, who is a dreamwalker. She can combine the threads of people’s dreams and interact with them. Meanwhile, Sorcha is unwell because of the absence of her son Seth. When she finds out about Rae’s abilities, she orders her to show her Seth in her dreams. This causes the Queen of Order to go into a deep slumber just so that she can see what her son is doing. Due to this, there is discord in Faerie. Everything slowly starts disappearing, and unless Sorcha wakes up, the land will disappear into nothing. It is only Devlin and Seth who are capable of waking her up. Thus Devlin and Ani’s plans to flee come to a standstill as Devlin needs to go back to Faerie.

The book’s ending is one that leaves the reader knowing that they haven’t seen the last of Devlin, Ani and Faerie. Together they have a future fraught with danger, but they are prepared to face it since they have new powers.

The book has been very imaginatively written. Melissa Marr’s unique writing style and cheek make it a fun read. This book is recommended for reading only for those who’ve read the previous books, since there is a huge connection to the previous books. A good read.

Reviewed by Shivani Singh


  1. This book sounds interesting. And I am intrigued by its cover. What an enigmatic look! I need to get this book :)
    PS: Why did you remove the Flipkart search box? It was so convenient to search here itself.