Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Mini Shopaholic

Becky Bloomwood is back and how!! If you are a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series this is a book you must read! As usual brilliantly written, a book which will keep you laughing from page to page and make you wonder how, just how does Becky (Rebecca) Bloomwood manage to pack in so much action in her life without meaning to! Also how does her husband, Luke Brandon, quietly and calmly handle her shopping ways! Another fabulously funny book by Sophie Kinsella!

So our favourite heroine Becky returns two years after she's given birth to Minnie. Minnie is as bratty as they come. A feisty two year old who knows her mind and can express her attitude with no qualms.

Becky who thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true- a shopping friend for life will soon learn that is not as easy as she thinks! As Minnie, the 2 year old Ms. Smarty Pants, has an absolutely different approach to shopping. She can manage to create havoc everywhere from Harrods to Harvey Nicks and her favorite word is Miiiiinnnnneeeeee this again is hilariously narrated!

While the country is in a huge financial crisis after Bank of London has gone bust and everyone is talking of cut backs our dear Becky is busy preparing a huge surprise event for her husband. Cut backs et al is just not her style! She finds a way to work around those issues not just for herself but also her clients at The Look. She is the only person at work who is managing to make money for the company with her innovative shopping ideas!

Becky soon finds herself in a series of unfortunate events that she is determined to solve in her own special way – so whether it is Luke's birthday party or Minnie's tantrum prone behavior and her job she knows or rather thinks she can manage it single handedly! Though she manages to get herself in a million tricky situations, she always finds the way out leading to various laugh- out- loud moments! Becky can unintentionally manage to crack you up like no one else in this world!

There are some really jaw aching laughter moments in the book. Some really funny ones are when she introduces Minnie to the concept of pocket money, Minnie’s christening ceremony or when she buys Minnie a birthday dress for her 21st birthday.

The book is highly recommended to all the women who have a bit of a Becky streak in them. Of course for all the men this book should be compulsory reading so that they can try to be like the uber cool Luke Brandon and learn to let their women indulge in shopping!

A fun book all the way!

About the Author:

Sophie Kinsella is an internationally bestselling writer and former financial journalist. She is the author of the number one bestsellers Can You Keep A Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess,Remember Me? and Twenties Girl as well as the hugely popular Shopaholic novels, the first of which is now the hit Hollywood movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.


  1. Well, Kinsella can surely be repetitive. But if you're addicted to Shopoholic (I am!), every new book is a treat.

  2. Simran- Repetitively funny, I agree! True every single Shopaholic book is a treat!

  3. New book of shopaholic series and when all of us thought that Becky would have become serious about life and its way, being a mother now, guess what, she is still the same Becky who day dreamed about winning a lottery. I wanted Becky's character to change a bit, some more maturity and more responsibility wouldnt have done any harm. Her ideas are witty but she is becoming irritating day by day. Definitely, my full sympathy goes with Luke, who no clue how is managing with an immature wife and a bratty kid.