Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Post : Review of Book of Humour

Ruskin Bond’s Book of Humor

The books I  generally choose to read revolve around some conflict. I needed a change and wanted something light to read and so, I picked this book of Ruskin Bond. I wasn’t disappointed.

This is a collection of short stories; not the ones that will make you laugh out loud, but might put a smile on your face.

The funniest one was Grandpa Tickles a Tiger where the author’s grandpa adopts a tiger and later sends his beloved tiger to zoo. Years later grandpa decides to meet his favorite tiger in the zoo.

The book starts with Uncle Ken, who likes to take things easy in life.  He is the favorite character of mine, probably because I aspire to be somewhat like him, the probability of which is as difficult as starting a colony in Mars.

There is story about owls and another one told from a crow’s perspective.Enjoyable.

There is a kind of dark comedy about the author’s uncle Bill who said it with arsenic.

Another favorite is Bhabhiji’s House, which brings a peep into the life of a middle class Punjabi joint family living in Rajouri Garden.

There are stories about ghosts, such as the one that goes after girls with long black hair.

I also liked All About my Walkabouts in which the author discusses his style of walking on the hills. I also like to walk (and it amazes me to see people taking their cars to go to a nearest store even if they could walk). But I just walk straight towards my destination while the author walks zig zag, enjoying the flora and fauna, and due to all these distractions sometimes moving ahead of the destination.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly mainly because it is a light read and doesn’t stress you up like many of the present novels do.

(This book is reviewed by hydelguy.He blogs at http://hydelguy.wordpress.com)

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