Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review : Body Talk

'Real Girls Ask Real Questions about Love,Life and everything in between' this pretty much sums up the book 'Body Talk' by Anjali Wason.The book, is the coming of age of Indian Young Adult Literature and works like a girl’s handy book. Whatever questions you may have from sex,bodies,relationships this book attempts to cover it all.

Extensively researched for three years this book features over 400 questions thats girls across India have asked and wanted answers to.In her note to the reader Anjali Wason says 'Over 400 women between the ages of 17 and 25 from across Delhi,Kolkata and Mumbai wanted to participate and talk about their hopes,dreams and anxieties.Together,they painted an enlightening picture of what it means to be a young middle-class woman in today's urban India-A world of gargantuan change'.

The book starts off with very basic questions like Acne (a pain for every teenage girl!) and eating disorders and moves on to periods,orgasm,masturbation,relationships,sex,sexual orientation,STDs,protection,sexual harassment...Yes this book is one comprehensive guide for every girl out there with questions in mind but finds it difficult to ask.The book also has some stories,quizzes and advice from doctors.The most important ,helpful and useful chapter I felt was the resource guide.

This book would probably be the first one of its kind and honest attempt to try and answer all questions that a growing up girl would want answered .A useful self help book many mothers would be grateful for.

The book works excellently as a guide and a friend to all the girls out there from 14 to 30 years!A must have book for every girl.

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