Monday, February 1, 2010

My review :Karl aaj aur Kal

Author of this book is one of India's best known MTV VJ Cyrus Broacha.Cyrus B and MTV Bakra were synonymous and a huge hit on Indian Television.He now hosts a show for CNN IBN called 'The Week That Wasn't' .It's a surprise that not many people are aware of his debut novel.I must say the book is immensely hilarious and very funny from the word go.The man can surely make you laugh.

The story is about Karl Marshall and his friend Kunal (draws inspiration from the real life pals Cyrus and Kunal)who are best buddies and are the average regular Mumbai boys, its their journey from school through college and beyond.Its narrated in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.

You see them through school,their college years at Xavier's College after which they decide to pursue an acting course in NYC and that too from Lee Strasburg Acting Studio! While studying there they are auditioned for a Hindi movie and get selected.On their return to Mumbai they become friends with the lead actor of the movie Yusuf Khan. The trio become instant friends and thereafter start a movie production house that keeps starring the three of them in a Munshi brothers franchise.

After becoming a super success and a Superstar Karl steps into the next obvious choice for any film actor which is POLITICS he becomes a South Mumbai candidate for ...hold your breath guys ....PYJAMA PARTY!!He manages to win the elections as well!

A good read though it dragged a bit at the end.It did become a bit tough to read till the very end. That can be easily forgiven as Cyrus manages to keep us laughing throughout the first half of the book.

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