Saturday, February 20, 2010

My review :The Diary Of A Social Butterfly

This book was another random pick while browsing at Crossword..and I must admit it has been worth every penny.I have laughed like never before..It was just so funny.But before we go to the story a little bit about the author :Moni Mohsin. Moni Mohsin writes a popular column called "The Diary Of A Social Butterfly' for Pakistan's Friday Times.Some of the selections from the column make up this book.Moni has grown up in Lahore and now divides her time between Lahore and London,where she lives with her husband and two kids.
So the story as the name predicts is that of Butterfly Khan who lives in Lahore in a 'big fat Kothi with a big fat garden' .She lives with her husband who she calls Janoo and their son Kulchoo.She is the typical high society lady who loves party-sharty,ball-shalls and lives life to the fullest ! Butterfly,the protagonist is shallow,obtuse and so full of may have seen or met a Butterfly at some point of your life.She is so engrossed in her social life that she is totally cut off from reality.The state of her country be damned,all she wants to do is be seen and heard at all important social functions.So the 9/11,Lal Masjid Siege,the US Afghan war and the death of Benazir Bhutto for her are just a hindrance to her social life.She shops at Harrod's in London,in America you see her buying in her words 'MAC ki lipsticks and D&G ka sent (read scent) and La Prarry (read la prairie) ki face cream and landcomb (read lancome) ka mascara' wears Jimmy Choo shoes and designer joras from the best designers the country has to offer.She is the star (or rather likes to believe that she is) the star of every page three party she attends.Janoo is the counterpoint to her silliness.. she calls him 'sarrhial' and 'buddha'  meaning cranky and old!She has a name for everyone Janoo's mother is the old bag his two sisters are the gruesome twosome.
Moni Mohsin has managed to give us a humorous and entertaining book on the party circuit of Pakistan or rather any country in the world.She has successfully managed to make  the character very believable
This book is a must buy for all the women out there.It's wicked,it's funny and really really entertaining!

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