Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My review :2 States

This book was really not on my to read list.Though the entire country seems to like what Chetan Bhagat writes I am not a fan.We can't take the fact away that he has a huge fan following and two of his books have been adapted into full fledged movie. Facebook is a good indicator of his popularity.Everyone's status update as soon as the book released was about how funny the book is.When I entered Crossword his book was all over the place from the top ten best selling fiction,to the billing counter,to the shop front it's all over the place.And for 95 bucks you definitely not have people picking it up from the book shelves.So I would say picked up the book simply because everyone else was reading it!

Chetan Bhagat is a mass writer his critics might trash him but his fans ensure that every book he writes becomes an instant bestseller.

I must say didn't regret buying it!It was funny from the word go.the story is simple about a guy and a girl meeting in college and falling head over heels in love and deciding to get married.The hitch is convincing both sets of parents as he is a punjabi and his girl a tam brahm.And as any Indian would know it is definitely not an easy task convincing parents for a love marriage and more so if you are from opposite parts of the country.So this is the premise and must say he has handled the difficult situations with aplomb.I personally liked the Panju mom....she is so typical north Indian mum...!Over dramatic,OTT,food loving,loud mouth (guys am north Indian too!)So the boy and the girl set out to woo the families ...and the various hurdles they face and overcome to marry each other is really funny!I read somewhere in his interview that the story was autobiographical...that it was his own story.If thats the case then I must say it was very candid.

Beneath the humour is also a very strong message that he has tried to convey and the prejudices that we Indians have about each other.Every state in India is different and unique with different languages ,different festivals,different cultures thats what makes this country unique.This uniqueness can also be used for selfish purposes to divide people ...so we have the north Indian mum referring to all south Indians as Madrasis and dark and we have the tamil family who is deeply unhappy with the girl choosing to marry a north indian as they believe all of them are loud mouths and over the top.He says we are Indians first.That's what Sachin Tendulkar said and look what he got back.Really thats beside the point but yes a stark reminder that differences are created for own gains.

Ok now for the brickbats I just couldn't understand his 3 min conversation with god to propose Ananya if he (Krish) wanted god to help him get a job with Citibank.So Krish makes a mad dash to propose marriage while she is in the final round of interview with HLL.Krish's father's sudden U turn to make his son happy after so much bitterness is also highly unbelievable.his trip to Aurobindo Ashram and his fateful meeting with a guru is also a bit off.

All in all value for money book...makes you feel good whenever you read a happy ending.Was just the right read after the book on Mughals and start of My name is Red.

Soon my review on Nine Lives..

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