Tuesday, November 17, 2009

main bhi book critic!

Nope I am not your typical book reviewer !Neither am I a qualified journalist to speak/write/review a book.I am just a book lover! Many a times there are books that I want to know more about but I don't end up finding reviews.Or if I do I most of the time don't end up agreeing with them.Most of the time after reading good reviews for a particular book I end up buying the book and at times don't end up agreeing with the critic.
No I do not read Literary , Nobel worthy books...if you are looking for those reviews then sorry this blog is not worthy of your time!Though I must admit Orhan Pamuk's book 'My name is Red' has been bought and will be started soon.one off?No most of the time my reading a book or starting one depends on my mood..
This blog will also not just have my book reviews but also will try to include any other fellow blogger who wishes to review a book they have read.I'd be glad to put it up on my blog!
So guys if you would like to put up a post of your reviews do send it to me and will try my best to put it up..!

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