Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review : TATA: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand

Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand talks about the brand Tata and what it has come to mean not just in India but all across the world. The brand Tata in India has been a source of immense pride for Indians; it is a part of our everyday life.  It stands for its honesty, integrity, sincerity and commitment to the people of the nation.  The company has been steadfast in its determination and belief that India and Indian companies have it in them to take on the world. Tatas are not just driven by commerce or in the business of making money the company while reaching dizzying heights of success has also been strongly rooted to the ground with its strong social conscience.  Of course it would be unfair to just talk about the Tata Group in the Indian context after it acquired two high profile companies such as Land Rover and Corus Steel. With these acquisitions the group has proved to the world that it is a brand to reckon with. Indian at heart but Global in mind is what drives the brand Tata.

The book gives the reader an amazing insight into this truly loved and admired brand. Starting with what are the values that the brand stands for right from its employees, to its shareholders and to all its customers. It gives us a glimpse into the dreams that its founder Shri Jamshetji Tata had for the company and the nation to how Mr.JRD Tata took that dream forward following it with Mr.Ratan Tata who drove the company to establish and consolidate the brand globally.

The book is the Group’s interesting journey from 1887 (when Tata & Sons was established) to date written in a simple, easy to read manner. A fascinating read for one and all. So whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a marketer or an interested loyalist this book will help you understand the durability of the brand. The brand manages to inspire the reader with its strong values and beliefs it holds in the global economy.

What the brand means to India and Indians is captured by the author in the book brilliantly with this statement “Indians just do not know that the Tata Group is committed to nation building, they expect it to be so...”

A good and well researched book.

About the Author:

Morgan Witzel is an honorary senior fellow at the University of Exeter Business School and a Senior Consultant Winthrop Group of business historians. He is the author of fifteen books on business management, including Management History and the best-selling Doing Business in China as well  as Be Your Own Management Guru published in 2010 by Penguin Portfolio.


  1. I liked the book but would have wanted some more depth in it.

  2. People in India don't recognise TATA because of TATA steel or TATA nano...but by TATA trucks. Almost all the truck you find here in india belongs to that company, but Mr. Witzel seems to have completely missed that point. I strongly feel that Mr Witzel has done immense amount of research for his book but he has neglected one aspect. And that aspect is talking to common man about brand TATA.