Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review:Chicken Soup for the Soul:Indian Women

Chicken soup for the soul: Indian Women deals with heart warming stories that women encounter in their everyday life which is very inspirational.

As a reader one looks for such inspirations as a solution in one’s own stressful life. I especially like the stories in the section ‘A life of Purpose’ where it begins with a quote from Maya Angelou “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” The story of Anjali – where  an Indian American engineer by profession gives up her high powered job only to join an NGO working for the eradication of bad addiction and where she travels to villages and tries her  best to convince them to give up their addiction is very impressive and makes you want to follow the same.

Fire engine courage , The woman in the mirror, Love eternal, Spelling Success too  are some very life teaching stories and which I really liked a lot. These are stories which bring a tear to your eyes as well as makes you want to wake up to the real world and contribute in one’s own way  to make life a little better place to be in.

Chicken soup for the soul: Indian Women is a book not only to read for inspiration but it can be enjoyed as a leisure reading book too. It touches your heart anyway from all those moving stories by women either at their home or workplace. 

However, I must add that at some point you tend to get a little jaded and lose interest in the book, but do not give up on a few arid stories as the next maybe the one which will recharge you and definitely inspire you …..go ahead and get your copy.

(This book is reviewed by Veronica Puri, an avid reader and a full time mommy.Veronica has put her successful career on hold to raise her two lovely kids)

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