Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Review :Piggies On The Railway

This book is a chicklit + crime mystery rolled into one!If are looking for an Agatha Christie kind of a detective novel sorry that this book ain't but what you get is mystery,romance,humour all packaged in one novel! It sure is a fun read must read for all the ladies out there!The book was a page turner not just for whodunnit but for a few laughs as well !

The protagonist of the book is Kasthuri Kumar who prefers to be known as Katie.She is a PI and is approached by the handsome,tall and suave Kaustav Kapoor who also happens to be the head honcho of Bollywood's leading production house to help him find the lead actress of his upcoming home production 'Ransom'. The actress has been AWOL after their shoot has wrapped up at what follows is a hunt for Urvashi.So that is the mystery angle.While she is hunting for Urvashi murder comes close to home when her ex-boyfriend's wife is found dead in her friend's parlour!Who are the killers ,are the two deaths linked if yes why what is the connection between the two deaths...

Kasthuri ...oops sorry Katie is not your regular boring PI's she is smart,sassy,uber cool lady who knows what she wants from life.She is a keen fashion and bollywood follower who rides a Royal Enfield!During the course of the investigation she comes across Tejas Deshpande who is the head of security of Kaustav's production house.He is very mysterious and to make matters worse Katie finds herself terribly attracted to him and has a small crush at the same time for the very much married Kaustav.

The end is pretty predictable and you want the author to almost jump to the end of the story rather than delving on Kaustav's wife's lesbian relationship,Neena's motive,Katie's lusty neighbor,the manager's drunken act,..all though vital to the story's mystery build up but excessively delved into.

All in all the book is fun and a good light read...

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