Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Review : Persepolis

 I was deeply moved after reading Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel written in black and white Persepolis some days ago.The book gives you a glimpse of life in Iran through the eyes of a woman.It was fascinating to read Satrapi's first hand account of what the country went through after the fall of the Shah,the early years of Ruhollah Khomeini and the first years of Iran-Iraq war.

Persepolis details Satrapi's life during the war between Iran and Iraq. Persepolis depicts Satrapi's childhood in Iran, and Persepolis 2 depicts her high school years in Vienna, Austria and her return to Iran where Satrapi attended college, married, and later divorced before moving to France, where she now lives
Did you know that Gmail is banned in Iran?The sites like twitter and facebook were banned during the elections?The sites which we use regularly are monitored by their government.It is not an easy life there!This book helps you to understand Iran and its revolution better.Simple language,nice graphics,a young girl's angst,her lonely years in Vienna,her attempt to fit in with her school friends in Vienna,her defiance in following rules on her return to Iran keeps you captivated till the very end.

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