Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Karadi's new series 'Will You Read With me?'

Okay people this post is for Mums who have small kids and who wish to introduce the idea of 'reading yourself' in their kids! I came across these Audio book series from Karadi Tales and thought I'd try to get my 7 year old son to read it by himself...till now he depends on me to read out stories to him!Guess what?I was hugely successful but there were a few hitches!

The concept is what I really liked.My son liked the idea of reading stories with their favourite actor/actress/sports personality.The illustrations on the books are also very beautifully done to generate reading interest in the child.The CD that comes along with the book gives them confidence to read the book aloud and read it on their own.

What I thought could be worked upon are the long sentences and big words that turn out to be tricky for the kids to read by themselves.

So Super Hathaman is the story of Hathaman who wishes to become Super Hathaman - he wants to fly in the sky and walk on water! On the advice of the old yogi, he journeys to Tibet to acquire super powers. Does he get them? Read and listen to know that!The story is narrated by Jaaved Jaaferi ,(I realised he has quiet a kiddie fan following..How I still don't know! )... the story is by Kaushik Viswanath and artwork in a hilarious style by Chetan Sharma with mystic music by 3 Brothers & A Violin and a catchy title track by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.
Where Super Hathaman loses out are the tough words and the long drawn sentences.Artwork is fabulous and keeps the kids interested till the very end.I could see my son could quiet relate with Hathaman and his desire to fly in the sky!
A Hundred Cartloads is a beautiful story of love and friendship between a man and his animal. Ananda the ox cares very deeply about his master and is willing to do anything to help him.He cannot bear to see his master living poorly so he comes up with a plan to make him super rich and happy.

The story is narrated by Soha Ali Khan and written by Devika Rangachari. The title music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, the charming folk music by 3 Brothers & A Violin and the detailed, vivid illustrations by Bindia Thapar make the story come alive.A beautiful story and a must read for kids I loved the illustrations in this one too.I could see my son really enjoyed this one and so did my 2 and a half year old daughter!

There are many more books in the series you could get more information here


  1. Hey the books are great and immensely readable!Hope to review many more such books in the future :-)