Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

Okay if you want to read a favourable review of this book, I'd suggest you skip reading this entire post right away since I do not have anything really great to say about the book. 

The story predictable, the characters more so, humour forced at many places. The story? A hip girl from the city meets a small town guy living in the city, love happens leading to marriage, all is hunky dory till baby arrives, but then all is well that ends well. Yes that's the story.

So yes during the romance phase we have the predictable fights, then when they choose to marry the mandatory meet the parents chapter, followed by the after marriage sequence, fights, where has all the love gone scenario.

Chetan Bhagat's 2 States seems to have inspired a lot many authors to write about their romance and marriages. But alas these book ends up reading the same facing more or less the same challenges everyone faces in their married life, leading to a bored to death reader. 

But then that is just my opinion. In case, such stories interest you please do read the book. It does end up being a light, breezy read.


  1. Hi Bookworm,

    Thanks for the review - I appreciate your putting up your honest view :)

    The only thing I would like to clarify - your assumption that I was inspired by 2 States is not correct in any way. I had a story to tell and that's what I wrote.

    Keep up the from-the-heart reviews :)

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