Monday, July 23, 2012

Here goes...The Brett Lee Contest!

Many of you have been waiting for this contest. Many still do not know we are planning to give away three copies of Brett Lee's book My Life courtesy Random House India. How? The contest is simple, all you have to do is answer one simple question and leave your answers as a comment to this post. But before we ask you the question here are the rules:

  • This contest is open for Indian Residents only.
  • The contest ends on Friday, 27th July, 2012
  • The Judges decision is final as far as the contest winners go. No queries will be entertained after the winners announced.
Okay now that we have the rules out of our way, here is the question:

What is your favourite moment in Cricketing history? 
Also note:  India winning the World Cup does not count!

Readers, cricket fans let's get going...your time starts now!


  1. My favourite moment? When Sourav Ganguly took his shirt off and whirled it above his head after we won the NatWest Finals against England! :)

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  3. I think Anil Kumble's 10 wicket haul against Pakistan in 1999 can be termed as one of my all time favorite moment. As a kid, I was so inspired by that moment (something that had happened second time in the history of cricket) that I thought of pursuing cricket as a career (which didn't happen)!

  4. My favorite moment would be the 'Sourav Ganguly moment' whirling his shirts, half naked at the most hon'ble places of cricketing honours - The Lord's. Except that it was more than just a series win. It was the line-up for the bigger challenge -WC 2003. It was the era when youngsters like Kaif and Yuvraj had set the precedent for better fielding and a dependable middle order. It was a time when the world had to see the wrath of the burgeoning Indian Cricket! Obviously there are more than just a single moment for a cricketing fan, but this is the more memorable one!

  5. My favorite moment in India's Cricketing History is when Team India defeated Australia in the 3 test series 2-1 in 2001. It was in this series we saw the emergence of Laxman-Dravid as the backbone of the Test team.

  6. Favourite moment is always a tough choice especially when they are to be chosen from the cricketing world where there are hundreds of them. Still, my fav one is Flintoff consoling Binga after Aus were so close to victory yet so far by 5 runs at Edgbaston, 2005 ashes series. Freddie could be celebrating like his team-mates since it was an ashes win against Aus, which at that time was always hard to come by but he choose not to rather put an arm around Brett Lee, who tried his very best to help his team win but couldn't .... At this moment, Cricket won. It went beyond the rules of one team winning and the other losing. Hence, its my fav moment in cricketing history.

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  8. Oh! This question cannot just have one answer. There are so many moments!
    But the most memorable ones are in the phase of "the man with the midas touch."
    One memory that stands out in my mind is that of the T20 world cup win against arch-rival Pakistan. That moment when Misbah hit a sweep shot on the last ball, everyone (following the match) missed at-least a heart-beat and the moment Sreesanth caught it, there were celebrations. Celebrations that put the lime-light from Ganesh Visarjan to India's victory. That was the craze of the victory! :)

    Hope, this one counts ;)

  9. See!!This question can have as many answers!There are a lot of moments in the history of depends on personal choices.And everyone has a lot of favorite moments.But my favorite moment was ,is and always will be Ipl season.just because players of many teams
    play with each other without the feeling of country player.There they don't play for country or for themselves'"THEY PLAY FOR EACH OTHER-Known as Team spirit."

  10. Well there are too many memorable moments to pick the best one. However at the cost of being picky, I'll have to select the test series victory over our arch rivals Pakistan during the 2003/04 season. The hype created over that series was simply beyond imagination, resulting in soaring expectation of the crazed fans. The series victory was a glorious chapter in Indian Cricket history.

  11. To me, the most memorable and most endearing moment in cricket history has to be Jonty Rhodes flying through the air and decimating all the three stumps in order to run out Inzamam Ul Haq in World cup 1992. That moment had everything! The drama around a risky single, a determined Imran Khan batting and battling, Jonty "superman" Rhodes defying gravity and arguably,common sense to enthrall the audience who had never seen a display of such agility and ofcourse, the guilty pleasure of watching good ol'Inzamam be run out,an all too familiar sight but one that never fails to amuse.

  12. My favorite moment... when INDIA became no. 1 in Test Cricket

  13. The best moment in cricketing history is surprisingly a day when India lost against Australia, The Master the God himself was at the crease, he won hearts. Battled dust storm at Sharjah. Waited patiently in the dressing room, did not even remove his helmet, for he was concentrating on how he can ensure India reaches the Finals of Coca Cola Sharjah Cup. Whacked mighty sixes against Sultan of Spin bowling Shane Warne, giving him sleepless nights. India went on to win the Cup. The God ofcourse Sachin Tendulkar

  14. My favourite moment is India winning the Chennai test match vs England in 2008, while scoring the fourth highest run chase ever in history of cricket. There were too many emotions involved in this test match, 9/11 had just happened, and the whole nation was looking up to the team to provide a much needed gistration from the gloom.

    Fingers were always pointed at Sachin Tendulkar that he never plays well in fourth innings, but here he proved his detractors wrong, and made a match winning 103 (not out) in the fourth innings.

  15. The one moment that comes to mind is the iconic battle between Sachin Tendulkar and Allan Donald... I have not seen a more ferocious battle on field. That battle eclipses even the Warne-Tendulkar moment, which Tendulkar won with consummate ease. This battle was even, with neither player emerging the clear winner. Further, this was a battle against a pace bowler bowling in his backyard in South Africa

    Not only was the battle against Donald was far more evenly matched... it also involved equally strong moments between Dravid and Donald. The sight of Donald steaming down the pitch after delivery; and the stoic response of Tendulkar and Dravid is not easily forgotten. I rate it as one of the defining battles of this era in cricket... and it coincided with India being on the ascendant. From 1996, with the advent of Dravid and Ganguly, we never looked back! That is why I rate this moment as special: this is where we got a first glimpse of what India can be, in that very, very short Tendulkar-Dravid Vs Donald battle, with none of the batsmen whinging or ducking; meeting fire with fire... Unforgettable stuff!

  16. My Favorite Moment in cricketing history would undoubtedly be when Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes in a single over against Stuart Broad in the T20 World Cup 2007.This helped him reach the fastest fifty ever in Twenty20 game,off just 12 balls & also the fastest in any form of international cricket.
    Truly Phenomenal !!!

  17. My favourite cricket moment was the 2001 India Australia test in Kolkatta;Australia was the best team in the world having won 15 continuous tests;India was a young team; still reeling from the effects of the match fixing scandal; Australia won the first test at Mumbai quite comprehensively; India was down in the gutters at the end of day 3;forced to follow on still 20 runs behind;no one gave them a chance of saving let alone winning the match; then we witnessed a miracle; I remember it distinctly as my SSC(10TH standard board exams) were on; My father had removed the TV from our house; but I had managed to get a transistor; while pretending to study in my room I was listening in rapt attention to the pretty poor radio commentary;Dravid and Laxman managed the impossible; the Aussies threw everything at them;they not only survived but counter attacked. They were up against Mcgrath,Gillispie, Warne; the best bowling attack in the world by far. The way they batted was test cricket at its best; fierce concentration,determination,great technique and some amazing shots;I have seen the replay of the day so many times;reliving the magical day again and again;One moment stands out in the entire day dazzling batting; Shane Warne was bowling round the wicket to Laxman with a packed legside field;and inspite of the fielders Laxman would on drive him for four bisecting the field perfectly;once they brought in an extra man to the legside from cover;and Laxman came down the wicket to a ball pitched a foot outside leg and played a perfect cover drive;haven't seen anyone play the turning ball better;scintillating stuff

  18. I'm not a cricket buff but a binga fan.....during the world cup when yuvraj singh hit a 4 and brett lee tried to stop it but failed and the ball hit his forehead , in no time he was bleeding but returned back and played extremely well.Aussies lost but one of this incidence of binga has made me develop this"never to die' attitude this was a very minor injury in his life as he has always risen form the"ashes".:)

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