Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: This is All I Have To Say

I have a lot to say about this fabulous debut book by Swapan Seth. Starting with asking everyone reading this review to go buy the book NOW. There are very few books that I have considered re-reading. But this book has been read three times already. No book has ever found a place in my handbag to carry always, well this has. Small book with 95 odd pages but packs a full power punch. A book that will make you happy, a book you'll shut with a smile on your face.

This review sounds very gushing I know, but there's something just so calming about the book. I would say its the simple language that the author has used to convey his thoughts. There is no preaching involved. The author's thoughts are very clear and most importantly very honest. Some extracts of the book were read out loud for my children to hear too. His reflections on failure just brought to the fore some memories that I had tried hard to forget, made me confront it and his words actually helped me move on.

Every topic he touches in his book is full of sincerity so whether it is about brotherhood, on parenting, on giving, on love or on marriage, his thoughts shine through.

No there is nothing that I could point out and say that it shouldn't have been a part of the book, it is just perfect the way it is. I am eagerly awaiting his second book. Here's wishing him many many more books and all the very best. Last I checked this book has also made it to The Economist Crossword 2011 longlist. All the very best for that too Swapan!

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  1. amazing.. agreed to the review...Swapan you reallly did a fab job... waiting for your next launch...