Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A carnival called Wassup! Andheri

A three day fest, comprising of activities that were fun for all age groups, a festival aimed at bringing the Andheri residents out to Lokhandwala grounds on all the days turned out to be full of fun and laughter for people who attended. We were there too, enjoying every minute of it.

The atmosphere was electric, the people were excited, the execution of the event was superlative. Kudos to the organisers (we will be doing a post dedicated to the people who were behind this event soon). Considering it was the first year of the event, here's looking at many more from them - bigger &better &longer!.

The blog would also like to thank every author who turned up for the event and added to making this event a success story. So here goes: 

Thank you Mr. Dilip Mukherjea for taking time out to speak to young mums, students and kids about the importance of learning, despite your hectic India trip, and you having a flight to catch for Singapore! Wish you all the very best for your book 'Unleashing Genius'.

Sathya Saran, is more a friend now than an acquaintance, thanks for dazzling us with the brilliance of Guru Dutt. The audio-visuals along with the book reading made it totally worth the while for everyone who attended. So a big thanks for being there.

Kiran Manral, can't thank her enough for readily agreeing to everything that the blog chooses to be a part of. Many thanks for your support, you were brilliant at the book reading and here's looking forward to more books from you! Madhuri Banerjee and Naomi Datta the other two gorgeous authors who agreed to be a part of the panel discussion on "Chicklit&Beyond" a big thank you for being there!

Ashwin Sanghi, we don't have enough words of gratitude for him. They all fall short. He usually doesn't do author events anymore because of his busy schedule but he was kind enough to agree to be a part of Wassup! Andheri. Not just that we know it must have been quite a journey on a Sunday afternoon for him to come all the way from South Mumbai to be a part of this. Thanks Ashwin, we shall forever be grateful and for making the session 'Have Talent, Will Write' just so interesting for those who attended.

Sorabh Pant, thanks for your stand up act before we got into a panel discussion on Emergence of Indian Writers, you were simply awesome! And your fun and spontaneity continued in the discussion too making it a lively interaction. Thank you Parul Sharma and Nishant Kaushik for agreeing to be a part of the panel discussion. Would have loved to have the discussion continue unfortunately we were restricted for time. 

Publishing houses : Westland, Penguin, Rupa, Random House. Thanks :)

Last but not the least our heartfelt thanks to Abhishek Mande for volunteering to moderate the discussion. Thanks for your support, hope to have you volunteer for our other upcoming book events.

Once again, thank you all for your love & support. More detailed posts on each event to follow! 

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