Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Rumi: A New Translation

Maybe I am not the right person to review this book, simply because I haven’t extensively read the works of Rumi, a great spiritual master and poet from the 11th century. But yet I found this book an excellent resource of his works. The book is translated by Farrukh Dhondy. He calls it a new translation  because he felt most of the translated works of Rumi do not do justice to his poetry and are more or less literal translations of what he has written in Urdu. And his contention being the meaning behind the verse and poetry are lost in translation. As per the author he has tried his best to give Rumi’s verses and poem a contemporary translation by trying to combine the intent of the original with an attempt at lyrical felicity.

Like I said earlier I haven’t extensively read Rumi but this book has managed to entice me to read more of his work. Yes I am absolutely embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read Rumi. So as per me if the book has managed to get me to read up more on Rumi and get me hooked to poetry means the translations have not been distorted much from the original and justice has been done to his works.

Do read this book if you are a fan of Sufi poetry and yes of Rumi.

Would just like to end it with one of the translated verses Today ‘Tomorrow is a hope- the dreamer’s way, the Sufi lives the moment, rejoices in today!’

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