Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Desperate in Dubai

Desperate in Dubai was one book which I had to read after reading a lot of heavy non-fiction books! And the book didn’t disappoint. The book is set in Dubai and it revolves around  the lives of 4 women. The book has its glamour, luxury cars, hotels all that you would think of when you think Dubai! If you pick up the book thinking it is a regular flippant chick-lit, let me tell you that this book ain't. 

Leila who has been in search of a wealthy husband for over a decade, while running her own successful business, we then have Nadia who has moved to Dubai for her husband’s career only to realize that this move could result in her unhappiness. Sugar has moved to Dubai after living in London all her life to escape her past and last is Lady Luxe, the rebellious and gorgeous Emirati heiress who wants to live her life by her rules at the same time trying to maintain a balance with her family’s expectations.

All four seemingly from different backgrounds but their stories all come together and you realize that all are running for the elusive thing called happiness. So while Lady Luxe is maintaining her double life to keep herself and her family happy, she is also hiding a big secret from her friend Leila. While Leila in her desperation to get hooked to a rich Emirati ends up getting influenced by Nadia, leading to unhappy circumstances all around. Nadia also does not have it easy when she realizes her husband is in a relationship with another woman, and Sugar is grappling with her past, trying to move on in a new city.

Extremely well written, will keep you hooked and engrossed in the lives of these 4 women. The book is well paced and language is lucid which makes this book a page turner. It is hard to believe that this happens to be the author’s first book. Honestly I have nothing to say that could be reworked in this book to make it a better read. It is a lovely read just the way it is.

My recommendation: girls absolutely go for this book, you sure will enjoy it!