Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: The Bhutto Murder Trail from Waziristan to GHQ

Benazir Bhutto was as charismatic in life as in death. Benazir was a personality who was either loved in total or hated in total. There was no mid way. Like the Gandhis in India, the Bhuttos too have been revered, loved so much to have become the power centers, or hated so much that they lost their lives in the bargain. Love them or hate them you cannot take away their contribution to their respective nations.

Benazir had left Pakistan in 1998 along with her children to live in Dubai and London, two years after being deposed as Prime Minister. She continued living in exile even after the Nawaz Sharif government was toppled by Pervez Musharraf in a bloodless coup. When Musharraf , after almost a decade, of being in power declared elections Benazir returned back to Pakistan and was most certain to sweep the polls. However exactly seventy days after her return to Pakistan, and barely two weeks before the holding of the general elections, Benazir was assassinated. The mystery of her death still remains unsolved even though it has been more than three years since her death. The people continue being clueless about how it all went so wrong for her.

Amir Mir through this book attempts to understand what led to this horrendous act. Drawing on personal anecdotes, off the record meetings with Bhutto and emails exchanged just before her death Mir brings us a carefully documented reconstruction of the assassination that rocked the world, the events leading to it and the aftermath. The book is a chilling expose of the symbiotic relationship between Pak’s formidable military and intelligence agencies and the radical Islamic terrorist groups entrenched there.

The book carries some exclusive information that sheds fresh light on the various conspiracy theories, and will most certainly evoke controversy and debate.

Coming from Pakistan’s foremost investigative journalist, this is a book which you must read to gain more insights, understand the politics and dynamics of our neighboring country.

About the Author:

Amir Mir started his journalistic career in 1988 with The Frontier Post in Lahore, he has worked with several newspapers, news agencies and magazines in Pakistan and abroad. Amir Mir has authored three books on the subject of militant Islam and terrorism.

In 2006, Amir Mir won the prestigious All Pakistan Newspapers Society(APNS) Award for Best Investigative Journalist of the Year. However, he refused as a matter of principle to receive the award from the then President, General Pervez Musharraf, as he felt it went against the spirit of the award to receive it from the military dictator. He is currently affiliated with Pakistan’s leading English newspaper, The News International, Lahore as Deputy Editor.

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