Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Learning To Learn

Book Review on “Learning to Learn”

The author of the book “Learning to learn”, Claire Odogbo clearly proves through her book her excellence as a professionally trained consultant in creativity and learning methods.

Claire demonstrates scientifically how every human being is born with a good measure of creative ability. The key message she conveys is Quote “Understanding yourself, your creative ability and how to use it correctly, is the secret of effective learning at any level of study.” The book makes one learn how to use various tools to gauge their potential and shows through various real life examples to convert them into achievements. The tools which the author advocates are Personality Types, Learning Styles and Timing Preferences for Biological Clock.

Various methods have been encouraged principally for a student to gain specific skills of effective learning. The book rules out various myths about learning methodologies like Note taking, Reading, Research, Class participation and showcases them in a new light. The reader is forced to shed his inhibitions and wrong habits at academics by simple practical approaches.

The author has done commendable work by not only emphasizing on the effective Learning Skills but by propagating how to process these skills and use tools like Mind Maps to utilize the 100% of brain capacity.

Reasons have been illustrated with graphs and data to show what causes decrease in recalling power. Eloquent methods have been shown to prepare for tests and crack the code of getting A+ in papers. There are things which are so obvious and in front of our eyes yet we overlook them casting a shadow on our success. The book is great effort to overcome such shortcomings in our academic life and it mentors you till the end by making sure you know how to handle success along with failure.

Author intelligently shows that when writing an exam one should answer the questions presented to them not what they think the question should be by advocating the six degrees of difficulties determining the level of questions which must be mastered by a student in the area of learning.

It is truly said that Brain like any other muscle needs its food too for proper functioning. The “Personal Development” section of the book caters to this need of the brain by giving accentuating, quote “Things you can do to exercise your mental faculties and stimulate them to healthy development and creativeexpression”.

This book is a unique attempt to entwine all the factors responsible for maximizing human potential and thus can be benefited by people from various strata of work force. The publishers “Cinnamonteal Publishing” have made the right move to put together the book in the best possible outlay and have marketed it well with its price rated at Rs. 315/- A good collection to be sought for by Libraries, schools, universities, students and individuals.

About the Author:

Claire Odogbo is a freelance consultant in creativity and learning methods. She hasover four years of experience in the use of the whole brain technique.

She has facilitated several “unleash the genius within” training sessions at schools and organizations. Claire is ACCA qualified.

Odogbo currently resides in Doha, Qatar with her husband and daughter.

She is a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and currently works as a Senior Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers Qatar.

(This book is reviewed by Sweta Lal. Sweta is an Engineer turned Writer, passionately follows this profession as a freelancer and is chasing her dreams now.)

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