Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am not alone!

Hey all really been a lousy and lazy blogger.Sorry for being AWOL but work,home,kids seemed to have jointly conspired to keep me on my toes and away from blogging.But the good news is that I am back and I am not alone!

Kiran,a dear friend and a champion blogger took pity on my blog going wasted like that, has kindly agreed to post some of her book reviews on my blog.It's an honour to have her contribute to this blog.Thanks Kiran.

She has also suggested that I make this blog more interactive and get authors to share their book writing experiences with the readers.So will try and implement that shortly.I have also created a google group ( and a facebook group

Do join these groups and do keep reading the reviews and discussions on the blog!Suggestions,feedback also welcome!

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