Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Slither

This is going to be a really short post but wanted to review this book simply because it is a 'hatke' book on a topic which we Indians talk about only in a hush hush, conspiratorial way. This is a book of short stories that are erotic in nature with the undercurrent of carnality.

The author in her acknowledgement says that this book was the result of a challenge from her editor friend and goes on to candidly admits that the book was uncomfortable to write but at the same time also empowering and liberating.

Fair enough. So I started to read but some stories down I could figure why writing stories like this is a tough ask. Stories were great but after a point I struggled to finish the book, not because of the writing let me be clear, but the subject. There is only so much one can read about slithering bodies, sex et get the drift?

Maybe I am in minority where my reasons are concerned, but kudos to the author for taking up this challenge and doing full justice to it.

So if this genre interests you do pick up the book!


  1. Interesting. Would like to take the challenge of reading it myself, sometime! :)

  2. You're probably right in saying that there's only so much one can read about slithering bodies, et al. Makes me curious how Letters to Penthouse, Mills&Boon do so well.

  3. Hey, thanks for the attempt, and the review! Hope you enjoyed it, even if it was hard to read... I get what you mean...

  4. @Shilpa- did you buy the book?
    @Arcopol- M&B has real light frothy romantic stories this wasn't :)
    @Umi- Hey thanks!I did! Do keep writing 'hatke' books like these!