Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Femina Blogger Bee for Books all this month!

We take great pride in announcing that our blog has been selected by Femina as Blogger Bee for Books. An honour really. Here is the Blogger bee link

Do you know how it feels when something/someone you have loved and looked up to  ends up acknowledging you for your efforts? That is exactly how I felt when I saw my name up there on the Femina FB page.  A very happy feeling also very humbled. 

Femina has been a part of my life for years now. My style guide, health guide, relationship guide all rolled into one.

When I started this blog the idea was to share my thoughts on books ,to talk about whatever I had read and give my review as any average reader would want to read a review..

It is amazing how the blog has grown thanks to the encouraging comments and feedback we have received from our readers. Thank you so much to all our readers, the blog is what it is today because of your unstinting support.

Femina, thank you, for selecting the blog as part of your 'For all the Women you are' campaign

And last but not the least - proud to be a Femina Woman :) 


And here is more about Femina's new campaign 

With "For all the women you are" Femina's new brand campaign, we have chosen to put the spotlight on the modern Indian woman's expanding roles & changing equations at her Home, Workplace, Social space, Personal life & the Online space.

She is the Princess of all things -Shoes, She is Nobody's fool, She is the Wizard of Odds, She is the FeminaWoman!

Here's a video shot by Anurag Basu, featuring Kalki Koechlin celebrating the relaunch campaign. 


  1. Wow Priyanka! This is really huge! Congratulations and may you go from strength to strength!

  2. Thanks you so much darling. Thanks for all your contribution to the blog too :)

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