Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Book review:SPELLS

By Aprilynne Pike

'Spells', the sequel to 'Wings', is the story of a young fairy, Laurel, her boyfriend, David and another fairy, Tamani. In this stunning book by Aprilynne Pike, Laurel comes to know of a disturbing truth - she is a fairy, not a human. Once she comes to know of her true identity, Laurel knows that her life is in danger and that she must leave her adopted, human family and go to the magical land of Avalon. She stays there for a while and her feelings for Tamani increase. But then situations arise and she has to go back to the regular, human world. She is more than happy to go back but she does not realise that she is putting all her loved ones in danger.

Just when Laurel thinks that her life will go back to normal, things start happening which stir up unpleasant memories of what Laurel had tried to forget a year ago. Jeremiah Barnes, Laurel's living nightmare, is on the move again and he will not rest until he tastes the sweet taste of revenge. He has set out to seek Laurel.
For the most part, Pike's writing is free flowing, descriptive and magnetic. Pike has described the scenes of Avalon in such a beautiful way that one will forget everything else and picture only Avalon.
Even the passionate moments Laurel shares with David are very emotive. But all the characters are not very well described. How exactly Laurel, David and Laurel's parents look, of that the reader has no idea. Pike has only paid attention to Tamani' s appearance. Pike seems not to have her own signature style and her writing sometimes seems ordinary. The climax of the book is supposed to be full of tension and panic. The author has successfully made the reader feel the same suspense, terror and dread that Laurel feels. The story is very engaging. The ingenious setting up is intriguing for aficionados who have been hungry to know what will happen next. The end of the villain is very dramatic though not as much as J.K.Rowling's.
Laurel's reunion with her mother is magnificently written and is very heartwarming. All-in-all, I must say that Aprilynne Pike is one of the finest authors and has handled the romance, suspense and action in the book very nicely. Spells will keep you spellbound well after the final page.
Reviewed by Ishika Chatterjee, a 11 year old student of Lokhandwala Foundation School and Junior College


  1. Fantastic!!!
    Keeps the reader engaged and intrigued enough to want to read the book..BTW had to look up "aficionados"..:))

    Andy-Chandy would be proud of this Moumita:)

    Anandi Mashi

  2. Ishika a very well written review! A writer and book critic in the making!:)