Friday, September 3, 2010

Review : Secrets and Sins

Jaishree Misra’s book Secrets & Sins is her second book in a series of three novels exploring love and relationships. The book is a simple, well written romantic novel. This is a book which while being heartwarming is also a heartbreaking read. Aman and Riva’s story will for sure manage to strike a chord with many women.

Riva is an Indian brought up in London and Aman a student from India. While in college, fifteen years back, they had a passionate love affair. But despite the attraction Riva ended up choosing Ben the man who became her husband. Though Aman and Riva  went their separate ways their passion for each other stayed alive and they kept track of each other’s progress.

Now, Riva is a bestselling novelist and Aman is a Bollywood superstar (sweet dreams are made of these!) A lot has changed in the fifteen years while Riva is a huge success story with things going well for her professionally her husband Ben is laid off from his high paying bank job and he is now a struggling writer. His failure ends up frustrating him and soon their marriage starts showing the strain because of these reasons. Aman though still in love with Riva marries Salma. His marriage to Salma is equally unhappy. So when fate brings them together at the Cannes Film Festival Aman and Riva are torn between their desires for each other and the love for their families.  

What will Riva and Aman do will they follow their hearts or their heads. Read the book to know more!

The book is so breathtaking in its simplicity and the relationships beautifully handled. As a reader there is never a dull moment. It manages to keep the reader hooked to the very end to know what will happen next in Aman and Riva’s love story.  An enjoyable read.

If you love reading romance this is a book you must pick up.

You can read the first two chapters of the book here

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