Friday, December 14, 2012

Guest Review: Sexy at Sixty

Book Reviewed By : Dr. ShivaniKapoor
Author: Namita Jain

To my chagrin the book had nothing to do with a kinky story of a sixty year old couple. Sexy @ Sixty instead is a book on yoga, exercise and diet. If there is anything to do with the word sexy it is the author, Namita Jain, who is all of that at her age.

Once my disappointment of the book not being the one to satisfy my voyeuristic pallet was overcome, I started actually to enjoy the book. It is simple, and straight to the point- how to celebrate life at sixty. Many tips ranging from exercises to diet plans to feeling positive are offered by her. What catches your attention is the way she makes being slimmer and sexier simple and quick. In fact, those younger can pick it up too that is if you are a lazy bum who has been adding up the body meat. She doesn’t just suggest but also softly motivates you. If you are an exercise freak at 60 and eat measured quantity, read it nevertheless.

The author has specially chosen the common physical problems at sixty and touched upon the relevant solutions. Prostrate, menopause, arthritis and the likes are dealt with well.
Maybe it is a book you could keep for a chapter a day, chew on it and slowly inculcate. The exercises are more of a warm up sessions for those regular at gym, are easy to handle for specially for the very obese elders and for those lethargic few whose simple rule is- If I can’t reach it, I don’t need it.

Facts and figures (I meant the mathematical ones) add to the authenticity. Illustrations and tables make reading quick.

My rating: 2.5 of 5

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