Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: The Taj Conspiracy

Now here's a book I totally enjoyed reading! Move over Dan Brown, our very own desi lady Dan Brown is here. 

The book centers around the Taj Mahal as a conspiracy is afoot to create tensions between two faiths. Time is running out, death is knocking on the door and Mehrunissa Khosa, the protagonist in the book has to get to the bottom of this conspiracy else it will lead to chaos and clashes in the country.

Mehrunisa Khosa, a Mughal scholar stumbles on a controversy to destroy the Taj Mahal when she discovers the murder of the Taj supervisor inside the tomb, what she also notes are some changes made in the calligraphy at the tomb to suggest that the monument was of Hindu origin. 

Who is behind this conspiracy? What is the agenda? To save the Taj Mahal Mehrunisa has to not just overcome prejudiced police but also battle her inner demons that will lead her to the conspirator.

Though the book is a good read there are some places where one feels the author has excessively tried to maintain high intrigue when there is none. In case of the Islamic militants planning an attack just doesn't tie up at the end. Then the climax where the Home Minister, Prime Minister all are involved and the surging crowd scenario at the monument makes it laughable.

But all in all a good read, fast paced, edge of the seat kind of a read.


  1. Nice and short - a good one.
    Here's my review -

  2. Request:

    Is the book a treasure hunt genre where the protagonist finds and solves clues to uncover the hidden treasure ?
    Or is it just a story with chase, action and events one after the other where there is not much history involved in finding the treasure. I am thinking of buying the book. It would be a great help. Thanks

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