Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guest Review: Beyond Religion, Ethics for a Whole New World

As the title, ‘Beyond Religion, ethics for a whole new world’ suggests this isn’t a book either on religion or for that matter ‘spirituality’ as the word is misunderstood by most. 

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama has spoken in the simplest of words about the simplest of issues that that are faced by the world and us in particular.

He proposes a world that is loving and happy. His mantra being personal ethics and codes by which one lives. He does not preach, yet shows us how to improve the quality of life. He uses simple analogies to draw his point. Without being didactic, he leads us softly, very softly to understand our everyday life. A whole new world of looking at things differently and thereby changing the world, is offered to the reader.

Infact, what His Holiness Dalai Lama speaks of is a non- religious way of life. Slowly yet firmly, he transforms us bringing about a spiritual fulfillment.  The religious leader yearns for a life that is beyond religion and unites the world. This is a book of a whole new approach.

For a reader this book is neither for one looking for entertainment nor sudden enlightenment, but for one who cares to look within. Read if you attempt to achieve higher living and a better self.

(Dr. Shivani Kapoor is a Ph.D in English Literature, B.Ed and MBA. She is a trainer for teachers and gives counseling on parenting)

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