Friday, February 3, 2012

Guest Review: My Father Baliah

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Author: Y.B.Satyanarayana
Reviewed by: Dr. Shivani Kapoor


‘My Father Baliah’ is a thought provoking book that takes us through a journey of four generations of a dalit family in Andhra Pradesh. Baliah’s strength of character is depicted as he fights social evils at his own level. Always uncompromising in his fights, Baliah teaches his children to live a life of self respect. The book is a detailed insight into the world of untouchables and their ways of living and most importantly how they are marginalized from the society. Through this simply told story, the author brings out the inhuman cruelty of the other caste towards the untouchables, the brutality of the caste system on the repressed and the poorer section and also the internalization of this condition among the untouchables themselves.

What is interesting here is how dalit education changes the views of not only the higher caste people towards the dalits but also of the untouchables themselves about their own status. Unlike other dalit autobiographies, we see an interesting play of education in changing the life and the thought process of dalits. I recommend this book to those who would like to understand and empathize with the untouchables and the intensity of their oppression . The author has written in a style that is both engrossing and racy. 

(Dr. Shivani Kapoor is a Ph.D in English Literature, B.Ed and MBA. She is a trainer for teachers and gives counseling on parenting)

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