Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: There's No Love on Wall Street

Meet Riya Jain, the protagonist of the book, There’s No Love On Wall Street, a smart, good looking girl totally enamored with the idea of becoming an investment banker. Though Riya has joined Wellesley College as a pre-med student she decides to become an investment banker as she is totally captivated with the glamour behind it all- handling multi-million dollar projects, enjoying long corporate lunches, and partying at the hottest nightclubs in NYC!

After securing her dream break with the firm Goldstein Smith she realizes that life is not as glamorous as 
she had imagined it to be. She gets a boss who is actually a devil in disguise and is determined to make her life hell. She works long and stressful hours as an intern in the office. Her image of I-bankers also comes crashing when she meets her colleagues…

Life gets more miserable for her when her ‘friend’  at work, Sachin, who had initially helped her securing the internship, starts asking her to repay him back by getting some crucial documents from the department she is in. She is in a spot that she cannot get out of.  She realizes that I-banking is just not what it seems and everyone in the system is extremely caught up in their own selfish world and everyone is busy manipulating each other in the race to reach the top. The only person who seems to be happy and content with life is actually a person who quit as an I-banker and is now a financial journalist, Gautam Pandey.

Riya has to now decide where she wants to go. Should she take up the offer that will eventually come to her from the company after her internship comes to an end or should she drop her plans of becoming an Investment banker? Something she has worked hard for till now.

The book is a fast paced, breezy read but gets very boring and whining at places. The humor also seems strained at times. By the by do read it to know that all that glitters is not always gold.  
While reading I got a very Sophie Kinsella-ish feel to the book. But sadly nowhere close to her kind of writing.

PS:  Chetan Bhagat would be launching this book on 15th April from 7pm onwards at Crossword, Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Do attend if interested!

About the Author:

Ira Trivedi is the author of the best-selling novels, What Would You Do to Save the World? Confessions of a Could-Have-Been Beauty Queen, and The Great Indian Love Story. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from Wellesley College.


  1. I had not liked the last book of the author and thats the very reason that I decided not to buy this and going by review I think I made a wise decision!

  2. The launch was nice, Mr. CB had fallen off his chair and Miss Ira was laughing frantically, joyous moment, God Bless CB & Crossword for their chairs