Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Slayer of Kamsa

Slayer of Kamsa is Ashok K Banker’s first of an eight book series on Lord Krishna. Banker’s Ramayana series on Lord Rama was a huge success and looks like with the Krishna Coriolis he has another super hit in his hand!

This book takes you back to the time when Kamsa was unleashing his atrocities in his kingdom and neighboring areas. He was busy over ruling his father, King Ugrasena’s decisions for good governance. His evilness knew no bounds.

While his father, the king of Andhaka had signed a treaty with the king of Sura nation Vasudeva to peacefully co exist with each other, Kamsa was totally opposed to it. Kamsa is absolutely hell bent on his mission to prevent his sister Devaki marrying Vasudeva as he knew that this union would be the reason for his doom. He knew that the birth of his slayer was destined to be from Devaki’s womb.

Kamsa promises to kill all the babies that she bears so as to ensure that he continues his reign over the kingdom forever. Moreover he puts his father, sister and her husband behind bars to ensure that he executes all these killings of the new borns. But even in the womb, Krishna uses powerful magic to cast a spell across the entire kingdom on the night of his birth. Now, the stage is set for the epic clash of the child-god and the terrible forces of evil with the birth of Krishna, the slayer of Kamsa…

The book ends with the birth of Krishna and what will now follow are the interesting chronicles of Krishna’s childhood days. While on one hand we had Rama, an upright, honest man on the other hand is the natkhat Kanha. Known for his mischievous and playful persona, the legendary exploits of this super being in human form rival the most rousing fantasy epics.

The author manages to keep the story interesting till the very end with his style of writing. What is also interesting is the amazing insights on King Vasudeva and Ugrasena. Till date they have always been at the fringe of all stories on Krishna.

All the pomp, splendor and majesty of Ancient India come alive with his writing. If mythology interests you, go for this one!!

About the Author:

Ashok K Banker is the author of the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series and other books. He lives in Mumbai with his family. Visit him online at


  1. I'm thrilled that Historical fiction is finding its own in India ! Nicely written review!

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