Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review : Girl Plus One

Rhea Saran is the Associate Editor of GQ India based in Mumbai. Her debut book ‘Girl Plus One’ seems to be inspired by it, as we have the protagonist, Laila who also works with a popular men’s magazine Guyzone. The book has it all- boys, gal pals, luxury brands, shopping, gossiping, drool worthy men and parties….In short all that we women love!

Laila is a single and good looking girl who has moved back to Mumbai after a stint in New York. She manages to land herself a fabulous job as a features editor and (hold your breath…) a sex columnist! The book carries some of her sex advice as a columnist and that in itself is very interesting to read!

So Laila has everything going for her a good job, a good life, good gal pals Karthika and Maya…what she doesn’t have is a good boyfriend though tons of interested men! Besides a couple of them, there is Neil, her boyish and charming photographer flat mate, her ex-boyfriend Rahul who still has the hots for her. These she can still deal with but her life turns topsy- turvy when Sameer, the suave CEO of Luxor enters her life. Sameer is many years her senior but there is an instant attraction and she realizes that she seems to have finally met her match!

What happens when the tables are turned and Laila loses her heart in this unpredictable game of love? Are Sameer and Laila meant to be or is their relationship doomed? This is one book which should definitely have a sequel. A series is not a bad idea too!

The book was an enjoyable read. Though at times while reading could not help but draw comparisons with Sex and the City’s Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Mr. Big!

A good, fun, wicked, sassy and interesting read! Girls go for it.

About the Author:

As the Associate Editor of GQ India, based in Mumbai, Rhea Saran spends most of her time immersed in the world of luxury travel (Sigh!), food and drink – whenever she is not behind the wheel test-driving sports cars (double sigh!) for the magazine, that is. Prior to this, Rhea studied and lived in Manhattan, a place she still considers home, and took her first tentative steps into the big bad world of magazine publishing, promptly falling in love. This is her first book!

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